Pet Surrender

There are many reasons that a pet may need to be given up and surrendered to the Humane Society of Sedona: financial concerns, illness, moving to a home that doesn’t welcome pets, allergies, pet behavior issues, and unwanted litters, just to name a few. We are here when they need us.

The Humane Society of Sedona urges pet owners to consider other options before surrendering their pet. We understand that there are times when keeping a pet is just not possible. Please review the following information for our surrender information:

Before You Decide to Surrender Your Pet
Check with relatives or friends who may be willing and able to provide your pet with a loving home. Before surrendering a pet to a shelter, HSS recommends first trying to find a suitable home for your pet by spreading the word among friends, relatives and co-workers. Give yourself a few weeks to place the animal in a good home, and never give away your pet to someone without screening the person carefully. Please do not give your pet away “Free to a Good Home” as there are unscrupulous individuals who could harm your pet or sell the animal for research to make money. Asking a reasonable fee may help deter such people.

If your pet is a purebred, an online search can help find local breed specific rescue groups.

Finding a pet friendly apartment may take a little more effort, but today there are many more rental options for people with pets. Try visiting one of many websites tailored to the needs of pet owners, such as or

Surrendering a Pet
Pet owners are required to speak with the Director of Operations prior to scheduling an appointment to surrender their pets.
Call: 928-282-4679

Once Approved to Surrender a Pet:
Please remember to bring the following items so that we may better serve you:
Vet records
Completed a pet profile form (dog surrender form, cat surrender form)
Please have your animal on a leash or in a carrier covered with a light towel or sheet.
$75 surrender fee
Driver’s license or state ID
HSS recommends you bring a small item your pet is familiar with to help reduce stress

Making Your Pet as Adoptable as Possible: Unsterilized (intact) pets are at a much greater risk of being surrendered by their owners. This is due to related health or behavior (aggression, marking, roaming) reasons, or because they produce “unwanted” litters. By having your pet neutered or spayed, you may find you do not need to give him or her up. However, if you do still surrender your pet, ensuring he or she is sterilized will assist in the successful rehoming of the pet. Ensuring your pet is current on vaccinations and has had proper dental care will not only help keep him or her healthier in a shelter environment or new home, but will also make him more appealing to a potential adopter. Groom or bathe your pet. Consider pet training which will make him or her more adoptable, and may even allow you to keep your pet. Also, having your pet at a healthy weight will make him or her more appealing to adopters.

Placement: The Humane Society of Sedona only accepts pets that are deemed healthy and adoptable for our adoption program. The placement of an individual animal for adoption is based on an evaluation of his or her health and temperament. We cannot guarantee rehoming of your pet and will call you to retrieve your pet if they do not qualify. Once an animal is placed up for adoption at the Humane Society of Sedona, there is no time limit in which he or she can remain up for adoption.