Vehicle Donations

Donating a vehicle to the Humane Society of Sedona is a great way to help raise money for the animals and saves you the hassle of selling the vehicle yourself. While it is most cost effective to sell the vehicle outright and donate the proceeds, we understand that this is not always convenient. We work with an outside company that handles the donation and sale process. You can donate cars, RV’s, and even boats! 

Simply go to the CARS Inc. link:, complete the online form, and they will contact you directly to collect the vehicle at no charge.

Make sure to have all the title paperwork with you at the time of collection. Once the vehicle is sold, they will supply you with a tax receipt for the amount sold that you can share with your financial advisor for tax purposes.  Amounts over $500 will also receive an IRS tax form.


We work with a national vehicle donation program that will come tow your car, RV, or boat, and provide you with a tax receipt once sold. Click here to be directed to CARS Inc.