We invite you to join the HSS Care Club x12…where your support is felt and makes a difference for the animals every month!  

Having consistent, predictable income is critical to our ability to provide care for the hundreds of homeless, hurting, abandoned animals the Humane Society of Sedona cares for each year. Being able to rely on monthly donations helps us to manage our programs and services and plan for the future.

Please join our life-saving efforts throughout the year and become a member of the HSS Care Club x12 by signing up for a recurring monthly donation at the donation level that works for you.

Care Club Member Spotlight

Care Club Member Spotlight

Thank you to our Care Club x12 Members!

We appreciate your support!

  • Aria Surgical Associates
  • Peter Baenziger
  • Susan Baldock
  • Sandi Bargioni
  • Jennifer Brehler
  • Steven Ceplius
  • Debi DeBlois
  • Kelly Diep
  • Jason and Jennifer Dodge
  • Rhonda Forsyth
  • Tom and Leslee Fredrickson
  • Stephanie Giesbrecht
  • Colin and Julie Hemming
  • Peter and Robin Hompe
  • Charlie Hoye
  • Harald and Leslie Hudak
  • Katina Koller
  • Sunday Larson
  • Deborah Linhardt
  • Laurence Lynn
  • Leslie McCandless
  • Rosetta Mobley
  • Natalie Nelson
  • Ben and Amanda Norton
  • Patience Parker
  • Dean and Stephanie Patterson
  • Michelle Proietto
  • Ron and Debbie Robinson
  • Charles Roth
  • Sedona Vacations dba Red Rock Realty
  • Judith Smith
  • Gerry and Michelle Snyder
  • Elizabeth Sugges